Firm Overview

Abdullah’s Law Firm is one of the biggest law firms in Jordan.  It was established in Amman 2000 to form a new generation and energetic law practice, serving the needs of families, individuals as well as businesses, it is unique in giving the best legal services possible in a timely and cost –effective manner.  Sure to count on giving your legal case the attention it deserves, and we will tailor our approach to your needs.
Abdullah’s Law firm is committed to excellence and the ability to find innovated solutions to most complex legal problems.
Our team is talented with good experience. This wealth of experience allows us to quickly evaluate complex legal issues and formulate the most effective strategies based upon each client’s goals. Teamwork is the base of our work so as to provide our clients with rapid respond and appropriate advice based on understanding their needs. The client is the most important relationship in our work, to which we give our best attention and services, so that we have established a well client base, while taking in to consideration his need and respective business.
Abdullah’s law Firm plays a full part in Jordan society making positive contributions to the community where it operates. We have provided both domestic and cross-border specialist, 5 legal services in the fields of corporate law, banking and finance law, dispute resolution, joint ventures, criminal law, foreign investment, , mergers and acquisitions, government and infrastructure projects, and privatization, in addition to handling major commercial litigation and arbitration matters. Our firm’s broad practice areas also include business and corporate, construction, employment and labor, and taxation.
Be sure that from the first moment you enter our office until the resolution of your legal matter you will be treated with dignity and respect, as well as treating your case with paramount importance.