Real Estates and Construction

Our broad law practice in Jordan is complemented by our extensive expertise in residential real estate matters and construction transaction. Our lawyers are high qualified in advising on drafting appropriate agreements to the acquisition of land, property… etc. We also represent brokers and individual buyers and sellers in real estate disputes. Real Estate and Construction Law means those litigations that relate to any kind of residential or commercial property transactions. This begins from the earliest phases of acquisition through to completion. Our dispute resolution services in terms of real estate and construction law include bid contests, licensing, contractors board hearings, delay claims, litigation, contractor disputes, breach of contract, land use, public works, contracts, defect litigation and bonds/ surety. Since real estate and construction contracts usually deal with huge amounts of funds and lots of property, no law firm in Jordan can afford to fail and Abdullah & Partners Lawyers are determined to devote the best litigation legal advice and assistance for these cases. As wise lawyers always say: “The road to success is always under construction”