Islamic law (Sharia)

.Our Islamic (sharia) Lawyers  can provide you with the best possible advice. We have a wide experience in matters dealing with Islamic marriage , dowries and divorce as well as divorce financial settlements, child custody and support and other family matters. We also deal with Islamic banking and have knowledge of Islamic finance principles in business transactions. Of course, Jordan’s state religion is Islam, but the country is very tolerant and welcomes all religions. Hence, more than 90% of the population are Muslims. Based on the Jordanian constitution every individual is free to practice the religion and faith he or she believes in. Nevertheless, violation of public order or morality is a crime and will face persecution. As experienced advocates in Jordan, we know the Jordanian Law and our experts in Sharia and Islamic law will deal with any eventual religious oriented case or claim. We provide consultancy in Jordan family law, intellectual property law or any kind of court alternative dispute resolution. We make sure that you are well equipped with the right knowledge about Sharia law in order to prevent any juridical procedure that costs valuable time and funding. Once engaged, we know how to deal with the case and make the process less troublesome.